Vote to change the system

A brief word from Maurice on the forthcoming election.

The decision to set up a dripping block of ice to stand in for the current Prime Minister of the UK on a national leaders debate was a great coup de theatre.

Not only did it draw attention to the main issue at hand – the climate emergency – but with its drip-drip-drip it also neatly symbolised the watery response of some of our biggest mainstream politicians to both the climate crisis and to the other huge issue of our lives, deepening inequality.

Conservatives of the big and small ‘c’ variety, and on both sides of the Atlantic, have either done their best to make things worse, or have offered woefully inadeqate tinkering instead of a real solution.

If we are to rise to the major, interconnected challenges of our time it will require more than making a few adjustments around the edges. But if the problems are interconnected, the solutions are too, so there’s everything to fight for! We have had decades, arguably centuries, of a political and economic model that says ‘extract as much as you can from workers and living planet alike, and crank it upwards, towards the wealthy, who know how to run things’. It was an often violent process, both towards people and towards the living world itself.

Well, that model has run out of road. We’re starting to pay the costs of having extracted resources faster than the earth can replenish them, and those costs will only mount higher – unless we stop turning the crank, and re-organise the forces in our political economy so that wealth and power flows not vertically but horizontally, out to ordinary citizens, circulating in and around our own neighbourhoods, and being invested back into the living planet.

The fight for social justice and equality is intimately linked with the fight for a better, more equitable and sustainable economic system. So make your voice heard on Thursday, 12 December; vote for a party that will offer solutions big enough for the situation, and send a signal on 12 December that you are part of the movement!

Maurice Macartney

30 November 2019