The Combination

Launched in January 2017, the Combination aims to think through politics, locally and globally, from a progressive viewpoint.

The Combination is so named in tribute those who combined, over the last few centuries, to demand democratic empowerment, social justice, and an equitable share in the economy. The values informing our thought include social justice, equality, democracy, nonviolence and sustainability.
Our goal is not to provide a set of ready answers, a blueprint for Utopia. It is to address a question:

How do we learn to live together, for all our differences, as nonviolently as possible, on this our one world and in this our corner of it?

It is the conviction of the Combination that our two era-defining problems – environmental destruction and egregious inequality – both spring from the same source. We set out, in this website, to get to grips with the mechanisms and the logic of that source, and to explore practicable ways to overcome these problems, locally and globally.

Maurice Macartney
25 December 2016

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