New green shoots

New green shoots, 1 January 2018

For those of us who believe in equality, democracy, nonviolence and sustainability, 2017 – the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency, and the first calendar year in the aftermath of the UK’s divisive Brexit referendum – had its difficulties. ¬†Here’s hoping 2018 will see some new green shoots emerging!

2018 marks the centenary of the end of the First World War, as well as that of women’s suffrage (albeit partial) in the UK. It is the fiftieth¬†anniversary of the last of the major pieces of Civil Rights legislation in the US, the 1968 Fair Housing Act; but it is also the fiftieth anniversary of the murder of Martin Luther King.

Quite what these portents mean for this year remains to be seen. But we at the Combination hope that it will be a happy one, for all our readers.

Maurice Macartney

Tanya Jones

Stephen Baker

1 January 2018