A brief word on Lyra McKee from Maurice.

I wanted to write about Extinction Rebellion, the school children’s strikes, the David Attenborough programme on climate change this weekend, but I can’t.

I did not know Lyra McKee – did not, until now, I confess, read much of her writing – but for some reason I find myself unable to stop thinking about her life and shocking death. Nothing I can say would have half the impact of her own words, or indeed of some of those who knew her, so please just read these, and all those I’ve left out.

From Susan McKay, a rebuff to Lyra’s self-justifying murderers: “Lyra didn’t die in the cause of Irish ‘freedom’. She was Irish Freedom”.

From Ellen Murray, this tribute, almost too raw to read.

And from Lyra herself, these beautiful, wise words: “kid, it’s going to be ok”.

Reading these, it may be possible to discern some hope, that this is one of those inflection points, where people are brought up short, and rethink their whole approach to politics and to each other. Let us work to make sure Lyra’s legacy is lasting change.

Maurice Macartney

21 April 2019